Create SAFER school bus stops in South Carolina through the education and enforcement of stop arm violations.


Make South Carolina citizens and lawmakers aware of the dangers that stop arm violations create and encourage them to pass a law allowing video evidence to be used in issuing civil penalties against violators.


14 children KILLED in last 40 years due to stop arm violations in S.C.


27 children INJURED in last 40 years due to stop arm violations in S. C.


HUNDREDS of stop arm violations every day in S. C.


In one month, as many as 82 stop arm violations captured on video with license plate identification in a single S. C. school district.


An estimated 16 MILLION violations occur each year in the U. S. (nasdpts.org)



Amend current laws to make stop arm violation penalties enforceable by using video evidence.

...the car NEVER stopped

This student crossing the street had to run because...

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